Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Big Leaf in Rochester

Terry lays out the color palette for her design in today's "Big Leaf" class. We trace the pattern on freezer paper to make the templates (the hard work), and then the fun happens when we determine a palette. Watching the progression of these designs is a treat.


  1. I just found your blog and, boy, I am sure glad my picture did not end up here! If there was a photo of me, there would be smoke coming out of my ears and spinning disks for eyes. I was very challenged trying to deal with so many fabric choices at once in a small space. I learned a lot and at home immediately put the whole piece up on my design wall so I would not forget. I should have photographed it before dismantling. I am just a bit nervous on how to sew it, especially the veins and small pieces. I just loved the work you brought.

  2. Thanks, Linda, and I hope that you mean that you would not be MAD at my publishing a photo of you, but rather working in the class left you with spinning disks for eyes. Love that image! We definitely had a tough space to work in, but I so enjoyed all that was there. Hope that it goes together flawlessly. I know it will...