Monday, August 24, 2015

What They Think is Fiber Art

Slowly spinning from a string from the ceiling is Alejandro Gutierrez's piece Dreams in the Finger Lakes exhibition. It is made of painted pillowcase.  This is what the juror from the High Museum choose for what he described as quality work. And I did read his statement. And wait -- Gutierrez's second piece (made of painted t-shirts) received the Rochester Contemporary Award of $500. I'll be back to boycotting this show again.


  1. How disappointing! The art world is a strange one, in some sectors.

  2. What I want to know -- did he actually sew those pillowcases and tshirts together all by himself or did he find some nameless woman to do it for him?

    1. Kathy, the piece has no additional sewing. It is a group of t-shirts that are painted and left to "glue" together into a blob. That it was spinning gently from one string (two would stabilize it) got me as well. Reminds me of clothing left to rot on the floor. Like what you'd see in the locker at the high school gym.

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  4. "Art is what you can get away with."
    Was it the eminent sage Andy Warhol who said that ?
    If I were closer I'd stand in the picket with you but also Serious Education needs to be done here.

    [sorry, a superfluity of commas too late realized led to the deletion above]

  5. I'm surprised. The Rochester Contemporary show is often very good. Bummer...