Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Three from One Pot

Three yards that shared a dye pot. I stack them like a parfait, and add dye with each addition. I will sell these this April 13 & 14 at the Lake to Lake Quilt Show in Rushville, New York. Come find me!


  1. HI Pat! Love, love your pieces! I saw a few up close and personal at the Schwienfurth. Would you mind telling me if you dyed these pieces recently and what about the heat needed by the hot sun? I want to dye some fabric, but it is way too cold here in the midwest. How do you solve this issue?

    1. Chriss,

      Well, I have read that the dye does not take unless there is at least 70 degrees, but I am working in my basement and believe me, it is not 70. Why would anyone slop around dye pails to their car to get more heat? Now, you have me thinking I will put a thermometer downstairs and see...meanwhile, no problem that I have with below 70 degrees, and there is no sun down there either! Go and dye, for heavens sake!