Sunday, February 8, 2015

Use What You Like

A few years back I bought this hunk of IKEA printed fabric. It has a lovely weight, and takes dye beautifully. Yes, I washed it and soda soaked it, before monoprinting. I'll certainly do more, and I'll look for more available printed fabric to try out.


  1. Hi Pat, I am a massive fan of your work. I too bought this fabric years ago and still have it hidden somewhere. Last time I went to IKEA they had fabric cut into 8" squares. Much of mine was just plain white and the large packet was dead cheap. Good for dyeing. Hope to meet you FTF one day!

  2. My friend Judith and I just signed up for your surface design workshop in October at QBL. Can't wait!!

  3. Great! I'm very excited by the October Quilting By the Lake 2 class in Auburn at the Schweinfurth Art Center. We will be flinging that dye, and I've got lots of tips and cool ideas for us to try.

    1. I can hardly contain myself.!!

  4. i have a couple iea fabrics i haven't used. great idea