Sunday, January 5, 2014

Last Look Back

I popped in to the Schweinfurth's Quilts=Art=Quilts exhibition on their closing day to get one more look at the works. Still thinking of my likes and dislikes. I very grateful that this collection of fiber works is so close by -- and that they would have my work as part of this show.


  1. Anonymous6/1/14 17:50

    Though I myself took the 2 hour (one way) drive twice to see the show, I hesitated recommending it to a friend. Did I like previous shows better? Couldn't put my finger on the problem. ~D.Falgiano, Lockport, NY

  2. Each show is so different. This year, the juror's awarded me for a work that last year was rejected. So, it lands with the jurors, I think. I was in the show last year as well, and awarded as well. This year leaned heavily on solid color fabric that was a derivative of strip piecing. That is what I saw over and over. But there were some stunning pieces, and few that had me scratching my head. This type of exhibition is rarely nearby, so I needed to pay homage.