Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Left Handed Quilter's Work

Teresa Raymond Levine, the "Left Handed Lady Quilting" bought my pattern at Chautauqua and the "In the Garden" is now on the longarm getting quilted. Looks lovely, and thanks to Anne for snapping the pic of the quilt (and more importantly, knowing it was my pattern!).


  1. Do you sell patterns online anywhere, or just sell in person?

  2. I sell the patterns in my class, as well as when I am selling at a quilt show. But if you want to write to me pat@patpauly.com, I can mail you an "In the Garden" pattern. It is $24, with tax and shipping added to round to $30. This is the only pattern that I sell, the others I use exclusively in my class. If you want to see the "Garden" quilt, check out the "workshop" page of my web site.