Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rare Sight

My friend (and personal slave), Michelle, helped me ready my house and studio for sale. My stash is folded and color coordinated -- a rarity. Don't think I live like this.


  1. That looks so neat! Hope you are not planning on leaving the area!

  2. I like those shelves and baskets. Did they come together and are they IKEA? I will soon be readying the house for sale too.
    I am keeping a positive note and looking at a new beginning. Perhaps my new sewing studio can use those shelves?
    Good luck with your transition Pat.
    Suzanne , Dutchess County, NY

  3. Thanks Judy and Suzanne,

    I do plan to stick around Rochester. And yes, those are IKEA shelves and baskets. They were originally my daughter's, but left behind. Now mine! And really, I never never stack my fabrics in colors. Never. But it sure looks nice this way.

  4. Glad to know you are sticking around!
    I stack my fabrics 'sort of' by color, except for some special stacks. But, since I am going through things constantly, nothing looks that neat.
    BTW, Pat, I am currently working on selecting fabric for my next art quilt - I start in a chaotic way (considering posting that on my own blog in the next few days) - and I noticed in my initial sort that many of your hand-dyed fabrics are in the mix. Very grateful for your fabrics...some day I will have time to start dying my own...but for now I am so glad to have access to yours!