Saturday, April 28, 2012

Workshop in Falmouth

The fabric was flying today at the workshop at Highfield Hall on "Slash and Burn" with 10 very intrepid and energetic women. Penelope is at left creating her monster (at last glance 80" x 60") with Liz, Rosemary and Lori hard at work. What fun, but I speak for all when I say WE'RE BEAT!


  1. Pat asked us what our goals were for the workshop and mine was to have fun. I did have fun! I have the start of a great quilt. My imagination is still at the design wall while the rest of me is back at work on this Monday afternoon.

  2. Lori, it was fun to meet you and spend a frantic day making new work. The only thing lacking was afternoon tea and crumpets. Next time, we will know!