Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends of a Different Stripe

Thinking about all who are fascinated with those rare and individual types. Of course, if you were native to Africa, this would be common. But beatiful, none the less. Would love some striped legs like these.


  1. So, one picture ago you are on the coast enjoying the breeze, the next you are in Iowa counting corn kernels. Pretty heavy travel schedule. What's up? Are you teaching?

  2. Anonymous31/8/11 07:50

    I think you can get some of those legs at Wal-Mart.....

  3. Shades, you guessed my funny schedule. Iowa was a drive starting here, then Baltimore, then Iowa, then home by plane. Driving out to Falmouth for giving a lecture. Home before the rain from Irene. Happy to be home, by the way. And I may check Walmart for those legs, thanks Anonymous.