Wednesday, January 6, 2016

On My Head

While trying out my new computer, I came across this image from the European Patchwork Meeting's exhibition of Quilt National 2011. The original show asked us to all put a sleeve on top and bottom, something I never do, but had to comply. Now you see why I don't. This is upside down, and not caught, I reckon. Loads of photos taken, I'm sure.


  1. kathy loomis7/1/16 09:04

    I think Quilt National '11 was jinxed. Both my quilt and my friend Marti Plager's were hung upside down at the opening.

    I still think it's a good idea to put a sleeve at the bottom -- certainly helps big quilts lie flat. maybe we need big fluorescent orange arrows on the back -- this side up.

  2. It is important, but on the other hand once they go out in the world, anything can happen. It still looks amazing and I would be proud to have it on a wall, upside down, sideways or even the way you intended.

  3. Thanks, Kathy, but the installers, curators, well MINDERS should have a checklist and if nothing else, the catalog to double check. And I always sign the bottom front, so how can you not check that? Oh, well.
    And thanks for the compliment, Bob. I do make a few pieces that can be hung left, right or rotated. Just not this one!

  4. Many abstract painters mark the back of their canvases 'top' to aid the installers. I don't know how often the double rail thing comes up for you but labeling on the back might help.