Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just a Little Snip

Kathy Ford tried to teach me her method for inset corners. I involves sewing that corner and then cutting to the turn. I think I would have to do 500 before I get it right. This is about number 16th.


  1. oh yeah! don't you just love it when your snip catches just one tiny bit too much and you have to redo the seam inside far enough and then things start pooching...arg!

  2. If you use a single-edge razor blade or Very Sharp knife (like an exacto w/ #11 blade), with the fabric flat on a cutting mat, you can put the tip of the blade next to the stitching and pull AWAY from the seam. I find this leads to less difficulty than cutting toward the seam with an implement (esp. scissors, regardless of how keen and straight the blades) that blocks my vision of the stitching or may not cut all the way to the tip.


  3. Deb -- I have to redo things. And Melanie -- I like the idea of using the exacto knife. Thanks!