Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bull's Eyes

At the Fuller Craft Museum today Kathy Mishima's Life Orbits (detail above) caught my attention for not only the shape and color, but for the extreme quilting threading she put down. If you get the chance to see the exhibition "Circular Abstractions: Bull's Eye Quilts," do.

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  1. Anonymous14/5/17 14:09

    Hi Pat! I'm so glad you were able to.see.this exhibit. I live in Central Mass and am planning to go.
    I am new to art quilting, having made my first quilt last month. I have sewn for 40 years, making mostly garments and bags. Traditional quilting never appealed to me but I am absolutely smitten with art quilting. I purchased your video a few days ago and have enjoyed watching it and putting your ideas into practice. Wish I could attend your class next month in Ohio, bit it's too.much of a commitment for right now.
    I see you have work at the Memorial Art Gallery. Do you know Heidi Friedrich, who I believe used to work there? She's a long-time family friend (I'm originally from Ithaca).
    Thank you for making the video. I will try to take a class with you soon!
    Dixie Walker
    Clinton, MA