Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dogs Greet Ghosts

Someday, someday, I would like to meet Dinah Sargeant. I was blown over when I saw "Spirit Dogs Greet the Ghosts" (detail above) at Art Quilt Elements yesterday. Her mastery of space, her ability to pull and push figures in and out of the frame, and her free-drawing with fiber, are unlike anything I know.


  1. Pat, that piece had me mesmerized. I stared at it for 25 minutes. I even wrote her a fan letter- no response- but her work bowls me over. Totally original. And fabulous.

  2. Judy, if I could take just one, or have an exhibition of just one work, this would be the one. I was fascinated with it, from its size to the subject, and of course the execution. Dinah is the diva in my opera.