Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kathy Loomis' Discussion on Copied Art

Kathy Loomis' blog has a wonderful discussion on recent works honored with prizes at Houston's quilt festival. She says it so well, so do read the discussion. I post my piece "Cat and Mouse" interpreted from a photo used with permission. I stray far from the original and bring a fresh look to the piece. But, maybe not? Installation shot by Amy Rader.


  1. Thanks for steering me to Kathy's blog. I am a recent convert to art quilting, never having lived in the traditional quilt world. And my background is in biology. But when I explain my art quilt work as "making art using fabric as my medium" I put it in the context of larger art world. We all take inspiration from what grabs our attention. As an artist, I see my job as taking that inspiration and interpreting it in my own way, as you have done, Pat. In the few years I have been looking seriously at quilt shows, I realize that while I admire the skill and dedication to technique seen in many traditional quilts, the quilts that really grab me have the elements of originality, message, and technique (in order of importance). That's how I view true art in any medium.

  2. Glad to share. And I think many artists approach the work from starting from (non-art) different backgrounds. It is honoring works of other artists, while making work that does not replicate, that is important.