Saturday, November 29, 2014

Half-Square Triangle of a Different Sort

In an incredibly short time, my daughter and I cut out and sewed up one of my Half-Square Triangle quilts. I usually use shibori fabric, but this is all commercial. We've got it on the longarm tonight, and will quilt it up tomorrow.


  1. What longarm do you have? Due to neck and shoulder issues, I have been told to stop pushing quilts through machines. Not looking for a computerized one as I am a free motion quilter. I would like to know what really works for quilters.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I have a second-hand Handi Quilter 16. Before I had this to use, I put my Bernina atop my work table which was 36" off the floor. I quilted standing up, with one foot on the machine's foot pedal. The large table supported the work, I liked the more relaxed position for my arms, neck and head. And I could see more easily the big picture. You might try it. Oh, I also switched to wool batting instead of cotton. Big, big difference in weight, and a lot less stress on the arms. Can't say enough about using wool.

  3. Thank you! Never heard that about wool.