Sunday, November 3, 2013

Simple But Dramatic

Bethany Krawiec's two works have denim, printed duck weight fabric, and hand quilted stitch around the shapes.Very pleasing, and definitely caught our attention at the View exhibition in Old Forge, New York. Thanks, Linda, for passing on her name!


  1. Pat, great to see you at OF! I was glad I bought a ticket for your lecture; I learned a lot. I have a printed copy of the quilt titles, so the woman is Bethany Krawiec and her quilts are called Plus and Minus. The dark slide was worth it for my sister-in-law, who I dragged there, for her to see there is life after small children.

  2. Many thanks for letting me give credit. I believe that Bethany was an award winner for this show. Very talented artist. And I am glad that you introduced yourself, and enjoyed the lecture. I did too.