Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raffle Mummy for Schweinfurth

A bit behind on the deadline, but will finish this little mummy bag quilt to send off to be raffled at the Schweinfurth Art Center at the end of this month. Remind me to show the finished little piece.


  1. I wish you would put more "process" pictures on your blog! Not that I don't appreciate the upstate NY scenery (as a former Oswego County resident), but seeing more about how you make your quilts would be wonderful.

  2. Laura,

    Thanks for reminding me to show how I make these works. I promise to add a bit more. That is my trusty Bernina 1120 (I think that is the #).


  3. bring quilts to Hudson River Valley so we can see........
    along with some fabric to sell!

  4. Carol,

    I am packed and loading those quilts as well. Good thing my van is BIG!

    And we might just cut up some of that hand-dyed stuff!